The word “CÒ-MO-DO” comes from Italian origin, meaning comfortable which is exactly the experience we aim to provide to each of our customers through designing clothing that makes you feel and look good at all times.

Our pieces are a fusion of contemporary silhouettes with handcrafted detailing from gifted South Asian artisans who put there heart and soul into each and every garment that they execute.

Imagination has no limit and in terms of design,Our philosophy is to convert imagination into reality while maintaining functionality in our clothing.

Our brand has three major aims

* Connect :
Each article has its own profound narrative which will be seen and felt when worn,creating an instant connection between You & Comodo

* Wear:
Our clothing if of high quality and is meant to be worn multiple times if worn with as much love as we’ve made them with.

* Feel:
Our aim is to sustainably produce clothing in which every person feels truly confident in their own skin as we truly believe that there’s no one better to be then your own authentic self.

We also hope to bring about a positive change through each sale we make by giving out a percentage of our sales to “Transparent Hands Foundation

One of the most trusted foundations in Pakistan,providing medical treatment and aid to those that can’t afford access to it,by joining hands with them we will collectively help many.